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Product News in 2010
Oct. 2010 Newsletter Featuring: Ruhrpumpen API pumps and Crane Environmental Reverse Osmosis and Deaerator systems.
Sept. 2010 Newsletter Featuring: Peerless 8196 ANSI pump interchangeability with the Goulds 3196 and MAINTelligence by DMSI.
June 2010 Newsletter Featuring: Pitbull air operated sump pumps and Grindex Submersibles
April 2010 Newsletter Featuring: Flotronic One-Nut AOD pumps, Magnatex sealless pumps, and Epsilon Dry-Disconnect Low Spill Coupling System.
Feb. 2010 Newsletter Featuring: Cochrane Multiport Relief Valve, GEA Heat Exchangers, Easy-Laser pump alignment.
Jan. 2010 VerderGPM has been formed from the heritage of two established companies, GPM Pumps, of Macon, Georgia, USA  and the Verder Group of the Netherlands. The mission of the new company is to specifically serve the requirements of fluid handling customers and their specific applications throughout the Americas with world class pumps.
Product News in 2009
Dec. 2009 GIW adds $2.7 million furnace
GIW has added a new furnace to its production line. The new 12-metric-ton furnace is the second in the plant and serves as an additional furnace and a backup to the first furnace. The new furnace increases GIW’s manufacturing capabilities and decreases downtime.
Sept. 2009 Butterworth is please to introduce you to the latest product in the Butterworth line up, the Micro100A.  This is a product that is used with higher pressures (up to 1000psig).  Typically you will find these used for cleaning juice trailers (Kelton units), fluid bed dryers or underground storage tanks.
  Kriebel Engineered Equipment, Ltd. is  proud to announce we are the new industrial representative of GEA Plate Heat ExchangersGEA PHE Systems has just opened a new state of the art factory in York, Pa.
Feb. 2009

Butterworth is proud to introduce our latest product, the CIP Guardian.  This product checks and monitors the performance of a CIP operation FROM THE OUTSIDE of a tank.

 This is accomplished by using an externally mounted acoustic monitor on the tank, and a highly engineered IP addressable box which contains all of the programming.  On initial set up, we “footprint” an entire CIP cycle.  Future cleanings are then referenced to that footprint.  The device can determine if the spray device is rotating, the pressure is correct and the cycle time is correct.  Deviations from the “footprint” are recorded and reported.

Product News in 2006
August 2006 Peerless announces a technical workshop Oct 23-25 in Indianapolis for consulting engineers, project engineers, plant operators, maintenance personnel, and facility management who are involved with the installation, start up and operation of vertical turbine pumps. This workshop will provide a good understanding of pump designs, application-related differences between the pump types, as well as obtain a practical and unique hands-on reassembly experience to supplement the theory. The Course instructor is Dr. Lev Nelik, who has 30 years experience with pumps and pumping equipment. He is a Registered Professional Engineer, who has published over fifty documents on pumps and related equipment worldwide. More information   Registration form

June 2006 Kriebel is proud to announce our merger with Anchor Sales and our move to Warminster, resulting in more products, more knowledge and more inventory. Contact us for information on our new products from Gorman-Rupp, Peerless, OTS, Commtest, Easy-Laser and Yaskawa.

March 2006 KEEL is now looking for your toughest sealing problems! EagleBurgmann has added Kriebel Engineered Equipment to its growing list of US distributors.

February 2006 Mike Clark, Marketing Manager for Magnatex explains why mag drive pumps should be considered for expensive, toxic and difficult to seal fluids in The Great Debate.

January 2006 Ruhrpumpen launches an internet-based pump selection Global Proposal System, GPS. GPS allows customers to quickly make accurate and detailed pump selections for most of the Ruhrpumpen product line.

Product News in 2005
EKATO If your plant is subject to CAA regulations regarding agitators in hazardous organic chemical service, an EKATO double mechanical seal with a pressure compensating system will reduce your monitoring and maintenance requirements. Because the pressure compensator always maintains a higher pressure than the vessel pressure, only a periodic visual inspection of the seal system is required. No leak monitoring is required.

KSB The HGM-RO high-pressure pump series from KSB is now available in five additional sizes. KSB can now supply pump sets with flow rates of up to 5000 gpm and discharge heads of 3000 ft for the growing seawater desalination market. Compared with conventional axially-split machines, the ring-section pump design offers markedly improved efficiencies, reducing energy costs.

NEDERMAN The newly updated hood for the Nederman Original Arm has five improved features: crush-resistant, composite material; built-in protection grid to keep foreign debris out of system; a flat back edge for use against a flat surface; 3-position damper (open, reduced flow and closed); and a flange type hood to improve capture capacity. Additional improvements have been made to the optional on-hood light and fan switches, along with the hood light. And, most importantly, the new hood works with your old arm!

SELAS FLUID PROCESSING Selas Fluid Processing announces that the Thermatrix flameless thermal oxidation technology is now an optional heat source for T-Thermal’s submerged combustion vaporizer (SCV) equipment. These vaporizers are used predominately to regasify liquefied natural gas (LNG) at both import terminals and peak shaving gas plants. In this new application, flameless thermal oxidizer technology will be offered as an alternative to conventional SCV burners to limit NOx and CO emissions to less than 10 ppm each, without the use of a catalyst or reducing chemicals such as ammonia or urea. Read more

PS4I KEEL is proud to announce a new partnership with Pumps and Systems for Industry in Scranton. PS4I will call on KEEL's clients in Wilkes-Barre, Scranton, Hazelton and the Pocono. KEEL will offer PS4I's manufacturers to our clients in the Greater Philadelphia area.

Product News in 2004
DICKOW New API 685 sealless, metal mag-drive pumps are now available from Dickow Pumps. The PRM pumps are single stage, radial-split volute casing pumps with closed impellers and back pull-out design. The pumps are designed for a minimum service life of 20 years and an uninterrupted operation of at least 3 years.
EKATO To further support the technology of mixing, Ekato USA is building a Process Development Reactor, which will be available for customer trials and testing on a rental basis. In addition, Ekato will provide training, recommendations, analysis of results, and scale-up expertise. The ELA 5 can be fit with most Ekato impellers; for example gassing applications (hydrogentaions, ethoxylations...). This is a fabulous opportunity for our clients who do not have a capital lab equipment budget, and/or lack the facilities to do this type of process testing.

FLOTRONIC Flotronic relaunches its product line. The four pump models have been consolidated into the F series, making it easier to offer the most cost-effective solution for your AOD application. Never fear, if you've fallen in love with a Flotronics pump, it's still available! Call us today!
  Kriebel Engineered Equipment is pleased to announce that it is now offerring the full line of Flotronic Pumps "One-Nut" air-operated double diapraghm pumps. Designed specifically to meet the demands of the food and chemical process industries, these pumps are the only AODs to offer diaphragm rupture protection, along with simple, in-place diaphragm replacement. To find out how the One-Nut pump can benefit you, please call today.

GIW GIW announces its new conversion pump program. GIW has designed wet ends of its popular LSA, LSR and LCC-R models to utilize your existing slurry pumps' drive ends. If you have a slurry pump at your facility due for a major overhaul, a GIW conversion pump can improve performance, increase efficiency and extend wear life. For more information on how converting your old pumps to GIW will save you time and money, call us or fill out our contact form

MAGNATEX Magnatex now offers SiC-D bearings and sleeves that will withstand dry-run start-ups without failure for the MP, MPT, MPH and MMP. These bearings and sleeves have a special, proprietary surface treatment that allows the pump to be run for extended periods with no damage. Because the surface is very smooth with a very low coefficient of friction, minimal heat is generated and the bearings and sleeves do not heat up. This prevents cracking and failure while the pump is running dry and when process fluid is finally introduced into the system and the pump starts running normally.

NEDERMAN Nederman has launched a new range of FilterCart units based on the original and highly successful FilterCart concept. The new FilterCart Standard model offers an ideal extration solution for light welding applications in maintenance workshops, with a simple particle filter. The FilterCart Original model offers complete mobile fume extraction and filtration with a 40% larger particle filter, HEPA filtration option, and standard halogen spotlight included with the extraction hood. The FilterCart Carbon model utilizes activated carbon for handling solvent-based products. All models are equipped with a 7 ft self-supporting extraction arm,and 110V single-phase fan.

ROTOJET Roto-Jet has not one, not two, but THREE new pumps models! The RD11 is a close-coupled design -- no pump bearings, no coupling, no gears, no belts! It's all the benefits of the R11 model with a simplified drive end. The 2100 and 2200 models incorporate design and hydraulic efficiencies and are footprint compatible with the older RG model. Plus, Roto-Jet has a new, innovative, variable-speed drive, the VSR, which provides automated control without using a variable frequency drive. The variable speed performance can provide significant energy savings.
  Roto-Jet VSR 2100 wins Technical Innovation of the Year Award from the British Pump Manufacturers Association.
RUHRPUMPEN Ruhrpumpen now offers double-suction, horizontal split case fire pumps. These UL-listed, FM approved pumps are available in flows upto 2500 gpm and pressures upto 197 psig. The compact desgin offers longer packing and bearing life for reduced maintenance costs, and a smaller overall footprint.

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